What is Bottarga Egyptian Caviar

What is Bottarga Egyptian Caviar. Bottarga is striped grey mullet roe which has been salt-cured and sun-dried.

Egyptian murals dating from the 10th century BC depict fisherman executing the lengthy process in which Bottarghe were, and still are made in Port Said. The mullet’s egg sacs are carefully removed and salted for up to one week to promote dehydration. They are then washed and sandwiched between weighted, wooden boards to press out any residual liquid, and to give them a solid, flat shape. Finally, they are hung and allowed to air dry until they take on their characteristic coral color. They are then packaged in hermetically sealed plastic bags (originally, they were encased in beeswax). The technique, also used by fisherman at Port Said, spread throughout the Mediterranean to countries such as Italy, France, Turkey, Greece and North Africa—today bottarga is also produced in Japan, and Australia.

Best known as Bottarga, but also known as…

French : Boutargue / Poutargue

 Italian : Bottarga / Butàriga

Egyptian : Batarekh

Japanese : Karasumi

Spanish : Botargo

Greek : Avgotaraho

Taiwanese : Wuyuzi

Portuguese: Butarga

Interesting Bottarga Health & Other Facts!

* Contains only 2 natural ingredients - Mullet Fish Roe & Salt

* Excellent source of Phosphorus, Zinc, Iodine, Iron & Calcium

* Packed full of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids & Selenium

* Rich in Protein and can be consumed by children, athletes & canines.

* Contains vitamins A, B & C

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